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NES – Raid 2020

“Drugs are bad! Unless you are playing this game.”

Color Dreams

Another shitty game by Color Dreams. You got to fight drug dealers I guess. I’m not sure… It was too boring to pass the 1st stage!

These Color Dreams cartridges usually fade, but this one is in pretty good shape. The box is a 5/10…
NES Nintendo Raid 2020 GUIZDP SC1 150x150 NES   Raid 2020  NES Nintendo Raid 2020 GUIZDP SC2 150x150 NES   Raid 2020  NES Nintendo Raid 2020 GUIZDP SC3 150x150 NES   Raid 2020



Summary: Pretty good condition for a Color Dreams cartridge! It's still baby blue but I could get a better box...

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