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NES – Final Fantasy

"When you defeat Garland, this is just the beginning!!!" SQUARESOFT / NINTENDO Release: May 1990 Ahh So much memories! My classic team was Fighter, Black Mage, White Mage and... Thief of Ninja... Always hesitated on that that one. Never loved the Red Mage. Some hardcore players managed to finish this game using only one White Mage! They let the 3 other characters died at Level 1 and never revive them. Defea ...

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Final Fantasy – Stop Motion – Pixel Art

Final Fantasy - Stop Motion - Pixel Art - Beads I did not update my website for a while. I've been busy hosting Karaoke night and stuff, but expect me to write a lot more during the next weeks. Since I have a ton of Beads characters left in my basement, let's do a contest! ************If you want a Final Fantasy character, write "PICK ME PICK ME" in the comment section of the video or my website. I will dra ...

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