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Angry Birds REAL Easter Eggs

HAPPY EASTER TO EVERYONE!!!!! Stay tuned for next week's video! It's a huuuuuge project! Metroid Brinstar Theme - Played with NES cartridges: www.youtube.com Metroid Giveaway RESULTS: www.youtube.com Final Fantasy - ...

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Final Fantasy – Stop Motion – Pixel Art

Final Fantasy - Stop Motion - Pixel Art - Beads I did not update my website for a while. I've been busy hosting Karaoke night and stuff, but expect me to write a lot more during the next weeks. Since I have a ton of Beads characters left in my basement, let's do a contest! ************If you want a Final Fantasy character, write "PICK ME PICK ME" in the comment section of the video or my website. I will dra ...

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Dr Mario – Singing Viruses

Dr Mario - Singing Viruses Thanks to Jade for the female viruses voices! Channel of the Week -- ------------------------------ Ducks playing Duck Hunt: www.youtube.com www.youtube.com If you think that your ...

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