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NES – Bubble Bobble

"Bubble Bobble. What else do I need to say..." Taito Corporation November 1988 This game is a classic! You must play in 2 player mode to beat the game or you won't get the real ending! I still enjoy playing this game during a party! Hehe! This item is garbage. This game is a classic so I really need to improve and find a better box and a better manual!      ...

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NES – Raid 2020

"Drugs are bad! Unless you are playing this game." Color Dreams 1989 Another shitty game by Color Dreams. You got to fight drug dealers I guess. I'm not sure... It was too boring to pass the 1st stage! These Color Dreams cartridges usually fade, but this one is in pretty good shape. The box is a 5/10...      ...

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NES – Super Mario Bros

"If you prefer to play as Luigi, you probably have a bigger brother..." Nintendo Oct 18 1985 This is one of the best game of all time. Period. It is truly the definition of 2D platforming. I fell in love with the system because of this game, and I HATE TOAD because of this game as well... I need a couple more of these to complete my Control Deck sets! However it's in pretty good shape. This game is the easi ...

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NES – King Neptune’s Adventure

"King Neptune is to Gods what Green Lantern is to Super Heroes..." Color Dreams 1990 This game is just terrible. Classic Color dreams bad controls and gameplay. You just swim around to... Well I don't know, I stopped playing there. Enjoy! This game is very rare and in very good shape! I wish I could find another Color Dreams sleeve to put in :/      ...

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NES – King’s Quest V

"These games were made to play with a mouse. But are still AMAZING!" Novotrade / Konami June: 1992 Ah, so much memories playing these games on the PC. However, a point and click game is pretty boring with an NES controller. This is why this is, I might be wrong here, the only Sierra Quest game that was brought on the 8 bit Nintendo. Thanks to Roberta William, my childhood was amazing! It's in perfect shape! ...

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NES – Mario Brothers

"Do you like Mario Bros? I didn't say SUPER... NOOB!" Nintendo June: 1986 The original arcade game! I also own the arcade cabinet and this game is really fun after a couple of beers! You can't stomp on turtles, you have to bump them from the bottom! The 2 players mode can be in coop or against each other. It's in decent shape for a black box and unless I find a USA version, I don't need to improve this one. ...

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NES – Captain Comic

"You're not even a bit funny, Captain Comic..." Color Dreams Release: 1989 If you like to kill animals while listening to classical music, well go buy this game! I remember playing this, or something similar on the PC. Not quite sure... The box is in terrible shape and the manuel been folded. However the cartridge is in very good condition for a Baby Blue Color Dream!      ...

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